Exciting news! BattleAxe Coffee is thrilled to announce a partnership with Atomic Coffee Roasters to bring customers the best coffee experience possible. Our classic house-roasted Mexico blend will still be available, but now we’ll also be serving top-quality coffee beans from Atomic Coffee Roasters.

At Atomic Coffee Roasters, they take great pride in sourcing the finest specialty-grade coffee beans from around the world. They’re committed to ethical sourcing and pay a premium to support coffee farmers and ensure the quality of their green beans. Small-batch roasting and hand-packaging at their roastery in Salem, MA guarantees that each cup of coffee we serve is fresh and bursting with unique flavor profiles.

We can’t wait for you to try our hand-crafted beverages made with coffee from Atomic Coffee Roasters. Come visit us and experience the exceptional taste and quality for yourself!

A bag of Atomic Coffee Roaster Beans titled "House Blend"

The House Blend celebrates the machine that has roasted its fair share of this Central American offering over the years. It is a medium nutty roast with notes of caramel and cocoa bean.

A bag of Atomic Coffee Roaster Beans titled "Intensi"

The Intensi Roast is a pairing of coffees from CostaRica and Guatemala that highlights notes of raisin, nutmeg, and dark chocolate.

A bag of Atomic Coffee Roaster Beans titled "Costa Rica"

The Costa Rica El Indio single origin brings a lovely sweetness and full-bodied sipping experience.