In 2019, my coffee journey began during a mission trip to Honduras with my church where we stayed on a small ranch. The main source of income for this ranch was their coffee plantation. During our stay, I was fascinated by the entire coffee process, from the coffee cherry to the natural drying process and the roasting facility. This experience sparked my interest in the world of specialty coffee. For almost three years, I have worked as a barista and production roaster. Now, I get to share my passion for coffee with others through the BattleAxe Coffee trailer.

– Grant Goken, BattleAxe Coffee owner

A man pours coffee beans into a grinder perched onto a wooden stump in the woods.
A hand holds a bag of BattleAxe coffee with a coffee roasting machine in the background.
A beautiful wooded landscape with an arm stretched out holding a cup of hot coffee in a blue mug.

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